NP® technology applied to filter media increases production throughput


Due to the NP® fiber protectiom of the company NP the cleaning properties of a filter medium can be improved extremously. They are at the level of PTFE membranes or even over it. This results in longer life and lower pressure drop. Just sticky or moist dust, for example, oil or grease-containing dusts, can be cleaned off perfectly on np®-equipped filter bags. But baking caused by the dew point will be cleaned easily and thoroughly.

The economic operation of a filter system is designed to improve with the NP® fiber protection.


Produktionsdurschsatz_enFilter data
Type of filter:    Jetpuls
Application:    Fat drying
Type of dust:    Fat powder
Volume flow:    240 m³/min
Size of tube:    175 x 2100 mm
Number of filter media:    100
Filter media:    Polyester
Production throughput:    210 to